Mot De La Meme Famille Que Legal

Lat. legalis. Legal is the same as loyal (see this word). Legal has been revised in Latin; Primitive education is lethal or lawful. Learn French > French lessons and exercises > French test #122883> More exercises French on the same topic: Find the word [Edit topic]> Similar tests: – Vocabulary for the beginner placement test – Placement test: Common confusions / paronyms – Feminine names – Animal vocabulary – Be polite – Knowledge or knowledge. – Clothing and fashion – Color vocabulary > Double-click on words you don`t understandWords of the same familyWords of the same family or origin are constructed with the same radical (root, base) and refer to the same subject. Examples: Evening = > evening – Good evening – Abendist (journalist, old word)These words of the same family have the same root “evening” and refer to the same subject (“time of day”). The words of the same family are not all of the same grammatical nature (or class). In the same word family, there are nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Examples:Nouns verbs Adjectives AdverbsSweetness, a soft-sweet-soft-soft-sweet-sweet-softScary-scary-scary terrorHardening-hardeningduring-lastingAn animal – stupid stupidity – annoying stupid-stupid beast-stupid most of the time, the words are similar to the same family.

Examples: the earth – an earthling – a territory – land – buried – excavated – underground – terrestrial. But sometimes they are very different. Examples: water/water – eye/ophthalmologist – foot/toll – carnivore – skin/skin – evening/serenade (evening music concert). On the other hand, some words are homophones, but they do not come from the same family. Examples: meat / expensive – vile / city – are / sound – time / so much / brake. Find the origin of the underlined words. Twitter ShareFrench Exercise “Words from the same family” created by hanijay23 with The test builder. [More lessons and exercises by hanijay23] Click here to see the latest statistics of this test English Please log in to save your progress.1. The art of cooking in France has evolved a lot over time.

kitchenlineI don`t know 2. To avoid stomach pain, you need to have a healthy and balanced diet. stomachtome.tomatoI don`t know 3. Currently, touchscreen tablets are very common in the market. Useful tacttraction I don`t know 4. Water lily is an aquatic plant that can bloom in a simple tank on the terrace. equationfoureauI don`t know 5. Young people in working-class neighbourhoods are affected by unemployment. popepolarpeopleI don`t know 6. The stars (…) trembled in the night fog. (Maupassant) sch√§dlichturnernuitI don`t know 7. Light commercial vehicles placed on the market after 1 January 2011 shall be equipped with daytime running lamps.

dayduneurneI don`t know 8. To ride fast on a bike, you need to press the pedals. podiumpiedpedantI don`t know 9. “When traveling, a gay companion is a wheelchair.” (Goethe) compaspaincampagneI don`t know 10. For the month of August I found a holiday apartment on the beach. A trip = > trip = > traveler = > a tour operator Example: The dormitory is where you sleep. From the radical, we can guess the meaning of the word. Example: Potters potters, he makes potters. There are 3 types of affixes: prefixes (before the root), suffixes (after the root) and infixes (in the word).

The words of the same family are therefore derived words. They are obtained by:-> Prefix: or prefix derivation (adding a prefix to the beginning of the root directory). Come = > come back = > will = > again = > worry = > agree = > scope. Example: Swallows return in spring. -> Suffixation: or suffix derivation (adding a suffix to the end of the root). Garden = > gardening = > the gardener = > gardening = > the gardener = > the gardenExample: In our garden, the gardener planted roses and jasmine.-> parasynthetic derivation: (adding one prefix and suffix at a time) soft = > soft / fabric softener / plasticizer / plastic>izer / plasticizer / moon = land on the moon = illuminate > / scout / lighting / thinning / thin grass = grass > / weed / weed / Wallet weedkiller = > payment/payment/refund/refund/refundable/exchangeable Example: Fernand will refund you if the hens have teeth. The words “hop” and “limp” are formed from the verbs “jump” and “limp” and the infix “sick”Most often, the words of the same family are similar, but sometimes they are very different. Examples: drink = >drinkable/refreshment/drink. Sea =>marine/maritime/marine. Eye => eyepiece/ophthalmologist/monocular/twin. Foot = pedestrian > / pedal / pedal / toll / base.

Neighbor = vicinal > => Vikinality On the other hand, some words are similar but do not come from the same family. Examples: Family / Starvation / Famous / Hungry – pot / potash / drink / soup fire / felted / leaf / leaf – crab / pencil Choose the term of the same family as the word in parentheses: ShareFrench intermediate tweeter Exercise “Words from the same family – course” created by salouajet with the test generator – create your own test! [Other Salouajet courses and exercises] View success statistics for this test English Please log in to your account to save your score.1. The time of the Middle Ages was marked by flour (famine) family hungerI do not know, the Black Death and wars. 2. It is believed that the four-leaf clover (leaf) foulesfollesI do not know, brings luck to the one who discovers it. 3. We agreed to spend the summer (summer) holidays at the sea. 4.

In the middle of the public square stands majestically a century-old leather tree (secular), I don`t know. 5. For your bankmouthhygiene bench (oral)I do not know, we recommend this miraculous product. 6. Water is a (vital) fast that avoids lifeI don`t know about all beings. 7. The (fleeting) shadows fleeFig fruitI don`t know, appeared behind the glass of my window. 8. It is cruelty (cruelty) crying crueltyI know nothing scandalous to make this animal suffer in this way.

9. The otter is a mammal, mainly an ivory fish (fish eater)I don`t know. 10. Nicolas (loves) grabefouI don`t know any chocolate cream. Thank you, Good luck End of French exercise “Words from the same family – course”A free French practice to learn or improve French. All exercises | Other French courses and exercises on the same subject: Words Most of the time, the words of the same family are similar, but sometimes they are very different. Examples: drink = >drinkable/refreshment/drink.