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In contrast, an online Master of Laws — or Master of Laws (LLM) — is designed to help practicing lawyers and those who have previously been to law school broaden their legal knowledge. In addition to the various courses you will take, you can also write a thesis or take electives to deepen your knowledge of legal and criminal law. Happy July from the entire team of the Revue nationale de droit! We hope you enjoy the warm weather. Please read on for our coverage of the latest legal industry news, including hiring and business development, industry awards and recognitions, and notable diversity and equity initiatives. What is the difference between an online Master of Laws, an online Master of Legal Studies and an MS in Criminal Justice – Legal Studies? At Liberty, you don`t have to sacrifice quality for flexibility. With courses offered 100% online and with no set enrollment hours, you can pursue your criminal justice and law degree online while staying connected to your family, career, and other commitments. You can take classes wherever you are, at times that suit you. A Master`s programme in Legal Studies – often referred to as a Juris Master – is designed to refine your understanding of the law and various legal procedures. If you don`t want to become a lawyer but want to develop specialized legal skills, a Master of Legal Studies can help you gain valuable legal knowledge that applies to your industry.

1. In October 2015, the Ministry amended the regulations on the former list of independent legal service providers to 8 C.F.R. § 1003.61 et seq. The amendments renamed the list to the “Pro Bono Legal Service Provider List” and significantly revised the registration requirements. Changes to the rule include: organizations and lawyers must provide at least 50 hours per year of pro bono legal services in each immigration court where they are on the list, so that public comments on qualified applicants waiting can be added to the list; and require recertification of suppliers every 3 years from the date of registration. For a copy of the final Federal Register rule, click here. Crissonna Tennison is a web publications specialist for the National Law Review. Prior to joining the NLR team, Crissonna worked in nonprofit development and communications for the American Bar Foundation, a leading employment law research institute, where she published a podcast titled Whose Law Is It Anyway? Highlight access to justice issues. Chandler Ford is editorial director of the National Law Review. Prior to joining NLR, Chandler worked as a legal writer and team leader at Hudson, a corporate immigration law firm in Chicago, where he specialized in preparing I-140 and I-129 cases. He also has experience in publishing, proofreading and journalism. The email must include an explanation of the requested change(s) and your contact information.

The list is updated quarterly (January, April, July and October) and all update requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the end of the quarter in which you request an update. Providers whose applications are pending or who are currently on the list must notify the OLSP in writing within 10 business days if their contact information has changed, if any restrictions on the provision of pro bono legal services have changed, or if the provider is no longer eligible to be added to the list. See 8 C.F.R. § 1003.66. If OLAP is not notified, the vendor name can be removed from the list. See 8 C.F.R. § 1003.65. Do you have a passion for justice and a desire to deepen your understanding of the law? You may want to move forward in your criminal justice organization and need a degree that can help you stand out.

With a Master of Science (MS) in Criminal Justice – Legal Studies from Liberty University, you can broaden your legal knowledge and prepare for advanced positions in the criminal justice sector. As you complete your degree in criminal justice and law, you can gain in-depth insight into the inner workings of law as you strengthen your resume and take the next step toward achieving your career goals. The list is made available to individuals in immigration proceedings and includes information on non-profit organizations and lawyers who have committed to providing pro bono legal services at least 50 hours per year in front of the immigration court venue where they are on the list. The list also includes information on pro bono money transfer services that refer people to pro bono lawyers in immigration court cases. There is an ongoing need for strong police and criminal justice organizations – and by improving your legal knowledge, you can help ensure that these organizations effectively protect the public. At Liberty, you will have the opportunity to hone your criminal justice skills and develop new methods to address a variety of challenges facing criminal justice organizations. We know university is a big investment – that`s why at Liberty, we offer world-class criminal justice education at an affordable price. Master`s degree holders earned an average of $12,480 more per year than their bachelor`s degree counterparts.* The main difference between these 2 programs and our Master of Criminal Justice – Legal Studies is that in the latter program we integrate criminal justice and legal studies, so different laws are examined in the context of criminal justice. This well-rounded knowledge base can help you pursue a variety of exciting career paths. Pro bono legal services are “unremunerated legal services provided to impoverished strangers or to the public good without expectation of direct or indirect compensation, including referral fees (excluding filing fees or photocopying and shipping fees).” 8 C.F.R.