Nmis Accreditation Requirements

Step 1. The applicant must provide complete documentation. The export of these goods is currently regulated. Please contact the regulatory authority for the above export requirements and procedures. NMIS LTO will be issued after meeting the requirements. The management team at the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) is committed to meeting or exceeding customer requirements by complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017. The NASA business management system was established by the NASA management team and is subject to regular management reviews to ensure continued relevance, efficiency and effectiveness. Email: [email protected]: www.nmis.gov.ph/ In accordance with the revised implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act (R.A) No. 9296, also known as the “Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines”, as amended by R.A. 10536, the NMIS evaluates and classifies all meat establishments according to an accreditation system and assigns an accreditation and/or registration number to identify the establishment and trace the products manufactured there.

The Accreditation and Registration Service is responsible for approving meat plants, rendering plants, meat transportation vehicles and certifications to verify compliance with national standards. Manage the central database for all accredited abattoirs, poultry processing plants, meat cutting plants, cold stores and meat distribution centres. NMIS Group is constantly learning and evolving, and we are proud to have signed the following initiatives to support our workforce now and in the future. Search for National Meat Inspection Service (NMS) projects. Meat plants must be continuously active during on-site assessment and/or verification of the volume and nature of products manufactured. The NMIS accredits MTV, which is used in the transportation of meat and meat products for national or international distribution JOSCAR registeredFor more information JOSCAR, please visit the following website. Step 4. Submission of corrective and preventive plan (CAPA) Cold Storage Inspection Procedures (CSW) The National Meat Inspection Service, a specialized regulatory body within the Ministry of Agriculture, is the country`s only national control body for all matters related to meat inspection and hygiene in meat processing establishments such as slaughterhouses, poultry pickling plants, meat cutting plants, cold stores and meat distribution centres where food or meat products are slaughtered, prepared, processed, handled, packaged or stored, with national/international distribution. ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management SystemInformation about ISO 9001 is available on BSI`s website Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus CertifiedFor more information about Cyber Essentials Plus, please visit the IT governance website Meat Transport Vehicle (MTV) – is an enclosed transport facility used for the hygienic transport of meat and meat products from one location to another.

NMIS ISO 9001-2015 Certificate – Quality Management GUIDELINES FOR THE REGISTRATION OF MEAT PLANTS WITH LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION Only accredited MTVs are authorized to transport meat and meat products. Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by fully understanding our customers` current and future needs. It is only through the continuous improvement of our services that we will fully meet the expectations of our customers and be recognized as a world-class research organization. A meat plant used for the storage of local and/or commercially imported agricultural and fish products LGU veterinarians accredit MTV, which is used to supply meat and meat products on their site. GRANTING OF TYPE APPROVAL (LTO) FOR MEAT PROCESSING ESTABLISHMENTS (NEW) NMIS ISO 45001 – Health and safety certificate An establishment approved and registered by the control authority where farm animals are slaughtered for human consumption. At NMIS, we are committed to compromising on the safety, compliance, impartiality, confidentiality and quality of our research, services and materials testing. This requires everyone to be engaged, to understand their responsibility for achieving our business metrics and quality objectives, and to be empowered to act to protect our stakeholders, customers and reputation. A meat plant where carcasses and judgments are cut and packaged to desired specifications.

It may be a separate establishment or an integral part of another meat plant, such as an abattoir, poultry catering establishment or meat processing plant. Republic Act 10536 – Republic Act to amend Republic Act No. 9296. Also known as the “Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines” The owner and/or operator of the meat plant must provide the respective NGNS ATOC with a CAPA report on deviations or non-compliances found during the assessment and/or verification (timeline is defined in the summary of assessment and/or verification results). Visit the Philippine Customs Commission (TC) through their Philippine Customs Finder (PTF). Step 3. Conduct on-site assessments and/or audits. Prerequisites for Meat Plant Approval for a NEW Application ISO 17025:2017 accredited residual stress and metrology testsInformation on ISO 17025:2017 is available on the BSI website.